Traveling to different parts of the world, normally means that you are eating and enjoying different cuisines. But, the one thing that we all want to eat is the different desserts that can be found around the world. My friend who is travel lover and is currently working over senior living center which you can also visit here. As he had visited a lot of places around the world so i asked him about his travelling experiences especially the food. He said that if you have a sweet tooth, then you will understand exactly what I mean. What are the most popular desserts around the world that you need to try when you are a traveler? With this information, you will know for sure that you are going to eat some of the most delicious and popular desserts in the world.

The United States. Apple pie and cheesecake

If you are anywhere in the United States, you need to know that the most popular dessert that you should eat is Apple pie and cheesecake. Those that don’t like apple pie, should give the Cheesecake a try.

Yes, there are desserts that you can find anywhere in the world. But, they are the best in the United States. They know how to make it so that it just tastes delicious. You can’t leave the USA without eating both these desserts.

The United Kingdom. Banoffee pie

For those that are living in the United Kingdom, banoffee pie is the most popular dessert that you can eat. However, for tourists, this might sound foreign and not something that they want to try. However, this is where you are making a huge mistake.

Banoffee pie is a toffee and banana pie. One of the most delicious treats in the world, and the most delicious in the United Kingdom. The secret is that if you are making this treat yourself, that you are making the UK version.

Spain. Churros

In Spain, you will be able to purchase churros everywhere. In restaurants on street markets and even at cafes. Some are much more delicious than other, so be careful where you are purchasing it. There is a secret recipe that Spain has, that are making the churros unique.

Churros are basically doughnuts but in a stick form. It is served with hot chocolate where you can dip the churros in before eating. This is much more delicious than doughnuts.

Italy. Gelato and Tiramisu

Italy. The country where you can find the most delicious food. And, their desserts are just as delicious. They have two desserts that you should try, no matter what. This is the gelato and the tiramisu. The tiramisu is something that you can find anywhere in the world. However, only Italians know how to make it perfect. Something to try, next time when you are visiting Italy.

Desserts. Everyone’s favorite word. Eating treats is just making everyone’s day better. But, then you need to know what treats and desserts you should eat in the different countries that you are visiting. If you are traveling a lot, you should make sure that you are trying these desserts in each country. You will have a taste that you will never forget again.